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NEKTON-Booster is specially tailored to the needs of birds who need energy that is quickly available during training and competition. The balanced combination of active ingredients in NEKTON-Booster allows your birds to perform at their best. The product is particularly suitable for sports pigeons and falcons.

NEKTON-Booster contains branched-chain amino acids, which ensure the highest energy production during the flight, and soy protein isolate, which is made available to the body within a few minutes thanks to a short-chain structure and thus supports muscle building and muscle regeneration. NEKTON-Booster is a very good source of energy, increases endurance, strength and activity and at the same time counteracts fatigue. Thanks to its balanced composition, NEKTON-Booster is ideally suited to building up the muscles of young birds during breeding.

The product is readily water-soluble and its structure means that the active ingredients are made available to the bird's body immediately after ingestion.