Herb Salad

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Twin Beaks Aviary's Herb Salad

100% organic ingredients are the leaves, roots and bark of 20 healing herbs, provides vitamins and minerals, helps repair damaged organs, and strengthens their immune system, thereby helping to fight off infection. It improves beak and feather condition, aids digestion, increases fertility and much more, including:

Nourishing Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Increases Fertility and Breeding Results

Expels Internal and External Parasites

Enhances Beak and Feather Condition

Promotes Hearty Immune System

Improves Chicks' Survival Rate

Relieves Itching and Scratching

Higher Energy Levels

Stimulates Appetite


How do I feed Herb Salad to my birds?
The fundamental principal behind Herb Salad, and what it affords your bird over food and water additives, is in the way it gives your bird the power to choice. This is best accomplished by feeding Herb Salad in its own container. Desirable, are shallow dishes that allow easy access to the entire supply, rather than just surface contents. A shallower container will also help eliminate waste brought on by digging birds searching for individual herbs. To help acclimate the fussy eater, Herb Salad may also be added to their seed.


Our Healing Herbs

Red clover leaf & blossom Trifolium pratense          

     relaxant, antibiotic, inflammations, minerals, potassium, calcium

Echinacea herb Echinacea angustifolia                      

     antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, stimulates immune system, vitamins

Chickweed herb Stellaria media                                

     C, B, D, Anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, respiratory

Dandelion root & leaves Taraxacum officinale          

     stomach, vitamins, potassium, calcium, kidneys, aids digestion

Plantain leaf Plantago major                                       

     kidneys, appetite, diarrhea, anti-inflammatory, heals wounds

Thyme leaf Thymus vulgaris                                       

     antibacterial, kills & expels worms, diarrhea

Garlic flakes Allium sativum                                       

     antifungal, antioxidant, fertility, heart

Yarrow flower Achillea millefolium                             

     blood, supports liver function, virus & fungal inhibitor, tonic

Licorice root Glycyrrhiza glabra                                  

     expectorant, supports liver function, anti-inflammatory, yeast infections

Milk thistle seed Silybum marianum                           

     protects liver health, heart, lungs, circulation, worms

Kelp granules Macrocystis pyrifera                            

     iodine, thyroid, stimulant, mucous membranes

Elder berry & flower Sambucus nigra                       

     respiratory, anti-inflammatory, blood, appetite, improves heart health

Wheatgrass Triticum aestivum                                   

     circulation, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll

Lavender flower Lavandula angustifolia                      

     aids digestion, essential oils, stress, metabolism

Astragalus root astragalus membranaceous               

     strengthens resistance to disease, digestion, energy, kidneys, stress, diarrhea

Marshmallow root Althaea officinalis                         

     wounds, calcium, diuretic, demulcent, tonic

Spirulina powder Spirulina platensis                          

     fertility, growth, stress, color, protein, antioxidant, improves digestive health

Barberry root Berberis vulgaris                                  

     respiratory, blood purifier, detoxifier, supresses Candida overgrowth

Olive leaf Olea europaea                                             

     feather problems, immune support, fights infection, anti-parasitic, tranquilizer

Pau d’ arco  bark Tabebuia avellanedae                     

     blood cleanser, fights infections, liver, candida, feather/skin problems