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Our Customer Service

"Your customer service is beyond anything I have experienced with other companies. I can't say enough good things about you and your products."

"Thank you so much for all you do! I will forever be a Morning Bird customer!"

"I love your products and it still amazes me how fast you get my orders to me. Thanks, Morning Bird!"

Our Products

"Calcium Plus is the only calcium product that works for my birds. I'm not sure what you guys do differently, but it works!"

"Thank you so much for making a great product that has literally saved my hen."

"Your Iverlux is making a difference in just 24 hours! I can't believe it!"

"My finch bird got back his feathers within 2 weeks of taking Feather Fast. I really love seeing this!"

"My eclectus parrot loves Miracle Meal. He eats it like it’s his comfort food. He likes it, I like it."

"Avian Calming Formula helped tremendously with my macaw's mood swings. She only gets it once a week but that's all she needs, this stuff works!"


  • I am buy your produck sir.

    Subhomoy bose on

  • I started using Avian Calming formula after Avitech went out of business and I had no replacement until I found Morning Bird. I have a male, 11 1/2 yr old cockatiel who has gotten more aggressive after every breeding period. He’s had become a biter! Skeptical at first I ordered a small jar of ACF. It worked! After reading your very long letter about BBC & your procedures & techniques. I decided to write this in support of Morning Bird because the products I have bought from Morning Bird so far are bearing striking results!
    I’ve used over 2 whole 3 oz containers of Avian Calming formula so far! Plus the 1st 1 oz jar just to try it. Now I need an invasive fusion surgery on my back! To board my ‘tiel I had to wean him off of ACF as the cost of a ’hospital’ stay is too much for me to afford since I’m a handicapped senior on a fixed income. He is starting to express his ‘nastier’ side but has retained some of the ‘good’, normal behavior he has learned while on Avian Calming formula. (I added Chamomile Flower to help him as well when the ACF worked so well.) I can actually see the difference in his behavior and want to thank you Morning Bird for your wonderful decisions on the formulations, manufacturing & testing of your products through ABCO and your own in house testing. I would also pick a product made in the USA over anything made in another country! Yes even Great Britain! Those bird people over there are fanatical at times IMO. I am new to Morning Bird products but after first using their ACF I ordered Moringa, Aloe, and Chamomile flower as well as some seed offerings for my 1 ‘tiel on their 2 for 1 sale recently. My ’tiel is a happier bird so I am a happier avian caretaker! I’m looking forward to getting him back after my surgery to continue with the ACF and Chamomile flower to keep his anxiety down and get my nightly cuddles, kisses and scritches in before bedtime! I am now officially impressed and a fan of Morning Bird. You can count on me being a defender of your products as well and I highly recommend them. I say to give them a try and watch your bird’s reaction? You will be pleasantly surprised how well and quickly you notice a change if warranted. Best of luck and please continue your methods. Thanks you very much!

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