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This is Mugsy, a rescue Zebra Finch. As you can see in the top left image, she's not doing too well. The right side of her face is very infected, her top beak is broken, with the lower beak over grown. Starting on March 8, 2019 Mugsy was given Morning Bird's Enrotex. These four images were taken over a 12 day period, with the bottom right image taken on March 20, 2019. She has made a full recovery and is loving life as she once did.

Thanks to All Things Feathered in Winnipeg, Canada for providing the images.

This sick budgie was declining rapidly, as seen in the photo on top. Morning Bird’s Amoxitex was sent to the owner and administered immediately. Just THREE days later, the budgie was doing amazingly well, as shown in the below photo. No more swelling and the feathers have already begun to regrow and she is back to her happy self.

Thanks to All Things Feathered in Winnipeg, Canada for providing the images.

Meet Izzy, a Pacific Parrotlet. He was suffering from malnutrition due to weaning. When he was first brought home, Izzy had many pin feathers and his forehead was virtually bald. After being given Morning Bird's Bee Pollen Powder and Spirulina in a healthy chop, two days later all of Izzy's pin feathers had popped out and the balding was reduced. Izzy's owner highly recommends Morning Bird products.

Thanks to @izzylildino from Instagram for providing the image.

This is Doo Doo, a rescued indigenous bird found in front of the Empire State Building in New York City. She could not fly and was very underweight. After being taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center, they advised to have the bird put down. A rescue mom stepped in and adopted Doo Doo. The foster mom turned to Morning Bird, Inc. for nutritional advise and products. As soon as Morning Bird's Miracle Meal was introduced, she began eating it immediately. Now, Doo Doo is eating, perching, grooming, flying, and chirping.

Thanks to Margaret Korn from New York for providing the image.


  • I have malnutritional wild blue jay that needs help. Wildlife officer recommends letting nature take it’s course and allow to die. Please can you help me.

    Warren/ Julia Cross on

  • Miracle meal has kept my java sparrow finch, Noel singing and flying and very happy since I got him last Dec. Thank you so very much. I also give him your bee pollen.

    Kathie tucker on

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