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AVIAN HERBAL REMEDIES is a compilation of twenty-two fresh, powerful, human grade, USDA Certified Organic Herbs. These herbs greatly enhance your bird's ability to self-medicate by providing a selection of healing ingredients each of which addresses specific illnesses and deficiencies. Herbs possess unique healing properties which help promote wellness in your birds. AVIAN HERBAL REMEDIES provides your birds a wider variety of greens which is typically found in your bird's natural habitat. Herbs are rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. AVIAN HERBAL REMEDIES contributes to healthy living for all birds.

Feeding Instructions:
Offer as a free choice at all times. Keep herbs dry.

Storage Instructions:
Keep container closed before and after use. This product is free of pesticides. Store in a cool, dry place.

Each serving of AVIAN HERBAL REMEDIES contains the following herbs each of which contributes to enhanced functioning of the following:

Ginkgo Leaf
Acts as an antibiotic/antifungal. Supports kidney function and stimulates circulation.

Reduces inflammation supports immune system, antiviral, promotes antibiotic capability.

Cilantro Leaf
Promotes heart, bone and eye health. Supports digestion and acts as an antioxidant.

Alfalfa Leaf
Settles stomach. Supports kidneys, digestion and circulatory systems.

Milk Thistle Seed
Supports liver, lungs, and heart functions, discourages worms.

Nettle Leaf
Acts as an astringent, diuretic and anti-allergenic. Supports heart function.

Papaya Leaf
Supports digestion and improves blood glucose control. Supports wound healing.

Passion Flower
Calms nervousness and anxiety. Reduces pain.

Goldenrod Herb
Supports kidneys, urinary tract, skin and cardiovascular systems. Antifungal.

Blackberry Leaf
Helps relieve diarrhea, reduces inflammation and acts as an antibiotic.

Artichoke Leaf
Supports heart and liver functions. Acts as an antibiotic/antifungal. Probiotic.

Red Clover Leaf
Reduces inflammation, promotes antibiotic capability.

Dandelion Leaf
Settles stomach.

Chickweed Herb
Aids digestion reduces inflammation, aids respiration function.

Oat Straw Tops
Reduces yeast infections.

Marshmallow Leaf
Helps to heal wounds, acts as a diuretic.

Elderberry Flower
Reduces inflammation supports blood and respiration functions.

Barberry Root
Supports respiration and helps purify the blood.

Yarrow Flower
Inhibits virus and fungal growth, supports liver function, helps blood production.

Wormwood Herb
Stimulates appetite, discourages worms and aids digestion.

Lavender Flower
Reduces stress, aids digestive system, helps regulate metabolism.

Plantain Leaf
Stimulates appetite, supports kidney function, reduces inflammation.