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Oxbow's ALFALFA HAY is a high-fiber legume hay that contains more crude protein, digestible energy and calcium than grass hay. These differences make ALFALFA HAY the perfect choice for growing, pregnant or nursing small pets and a great treat for adults. Veterinarians reccommend hay for the health of your animal.

ALFALFA HAY is useful for birds as well, either as food or as nest-making material.

If you have a small animal that eats hay, High-quality grass hay provides essential fiber, which is absolutely critical for supporting a healthy digestive system. Hay should make up at least 75% of your pet's diet, and should be available for them to eat and forage in at all times. The rest of their diet should consist of high quality, fortified food and treats.

For small animals that eat hay, a 15 ounce bag will last a young or nursing 2-pound animal 1 month, or a mature 2-pound animal 5 months if used as a treat. For 5-pound animals, it will last 15 days if the animal is young or nursing, or 2 months if used as a treat. For 7-pound animals, it will last 10 days if the animal is young or nursing, or 7 weeks if used as a treat.

Keep container closed before and after use. This product is free of pesticides. Store in a cool, dry place.


Alfalfa Hay


Minimum Crude Protein: 16%
Minimum Crude Fat: 1.5%
Maximum Crude Fiber: 32%
Maximum Moisture: 15%

Packaging: 15 ounces.

NOTE: Hay is a bulky item. As such, MORNING BIRD must add a shipping surcharge for all hay packages.