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HATCHED! is a premium, ultra-pure, 100% natural source of calcium. It is 20% more absorbable than other forms of calcium carbonate. Hatched! is manufactured using a patented, chemical-free separation process in a U.S. FDA regulated facility. It is packaged using FDA approved materials. Hatched! eggshell is human-grade, sanitized, pesticide-free and contains no preservatives or artificial coloring.

Hatched! supports egg shell production, bone formation, blood clotting and muscle, heart and nerve function.

Allow your pet to determine their own proper calcium level by feeding this naturally organic product daily, and in the quantity they desire.

Keep container closed before and after use. This product is free of pesticides. Store in a cool, dry place.

Calcium Carbonate

Packaging: 1 pound, 2 pounds & 5 pounds.

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